Now updated for Windows Phone 8!

Wonder Reader is a top-selling Google Reader app for Windows Phone. A Google Reader account is required.

  • Featured in Wired's 2011 App Guide
  • "The best Google Reader app on Windows Phone" - Gizmodo (April 1, 2011)
  • "By far as the fastest and most capable [WP7 RSS reader] ... it is worth every penny." - Lifehacker (March 4, 2011)
  • "Best Google Reader app to date for Windows Phone" - Maximum PC
  • "Top 10 Windows Phone 7 apps" - ZDNet
  • "Excellent Google Reader Client For WP7" - WMPoweruser.com

A Google Reader account is required.

What's New?

New in Version 3.0 (Windows Phone 8 only):

  • Wide tiles support
  • Support for WXGA (Nokia Lumia 920) and 720p (HTC 8X, Samsung ATIV S) screens
  • Voice Commands to open a specific category from the Start screen. For example, say �Wonder Reader, show me Technology�. (English, paid version only)
  • High res icons
  • Copy link to clipboard

New in Version 2.8 (Windows Phone 7.5 Mango only):
  • Portrait screen orientation lock

New in Version 2.7 (Windows Phone 7.5 Mango only):
  • Minor bug fixes

New in Version 2.6 (Windows Phone 7.5 Mango only):
  • Mark Above As Read and fetch more articles in one step (tap-hold "More..." or enable in settings)
  • Automatically skips unread list after last article is read

New in Version 2.5 (Windows Phone 7.5 Mango only):
  • Use your own bit.ly API key

New in Version 2.4 (Windows Phone 7.5 Mango only):
  • Option to view image rollover titles (this one's for you, xkcd and other webcomic fans!)
  • Option to use IE instead of built-in browser
  • Removed some features that are no longer supported by Google Reader

New in Version 2.3 (Windows Phone 7.5 Mango only):
  • Subscribe to new feeds by searching feed directory or by feed URL
  • Readability in articles view (beta)
  • Data compression: quicker performance, less bandwidth
  • More font sizes
  • Trial version now contains ads (trial users: do not update if you don't want ads)

New in Version 2.2 (Windows Phone 7.5 Mango only):
  • Bug fixes (thanks for the feedback!)

New in Version 2.1 (Windows Phone 7.5 Mango only):
  • Remote processing of live tile images... uses significantly less of your phone's bandwidth and battery than Version 2.0
  • GIF support on live tiles
  • Search by keywords - find articles quickly

New in Version 2.0 (Windows Phone 7.5 Mango only):
  • Live tile: Unread count up to 1000, latest headline and image (if available) on back of tile
  • Pin feeds and categories as additional live tiles on the Start screen (paid version)
  • Share on Windows Live, LinkedIn
  • Fast app switching
  • Smooth scrolling

New in Version 1.16:
  • Fixed some article formatting issues
  • Larger tap-able Star/Share/Like icons
  • Dedicated mobilizer button
  • Formatting improvements on Mango devices (pinch to zoom is back!)

New in Version 1.15:
  • Improved article rendering on Mango beta phones.
  • Send URL to another phone by QR Code. (Readable by Bing Vision, Google, and most other barcode apps)

New in Version 1.14:
  • Post Google Reader comments on shared items.
  • "Mark above as read" -- mark only those items you have scrolled past, leave the rest for later! Tap and hold to activate.
  • Send URLs via SMS

New in Version 1.13:
  • Added Favicons to feed and category lists.
  • Support for new Twitter OAuth login page.

New in Versions 1.11 and 1.12:
  • Added Google and Instapaper mobilizer support.
  • Added Share with note feature.
  • Improved detection of embedded YouTube videos.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.


  • Real-time 2-way sync with your Google Reader account
  • Search by keywords: find articles quickly
  • Live tile - Unread count up to 1000; latest headline and image on back of tile
  • Pin feeds and categories as ADDITIONAL live tiles on the Start screen (paid version only)
  • Send URL to another phone by QR Code.
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live, LinkedIn
  • Mobilizer button (Google, Instapaper, Readability-Beta)
  • Mark Above As Read
  • Light/Dark themes and article font size
  • View embedded YouTube videos (requires YouTube app)
  • Gallery view
  • Full articles in the embedded browser or IE
  • Star, email, SMS
  • bit.ly URL shortening (supports custom API key)
  • Send to Instapaper or Pocket
  • Landscape support with portrait orientation lock
  • Custom start page, sort orders
  • Full SSL encryption, works with Google's 2-step verification

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Live tiles in action


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